Chiropractor in Jupiter FL Announces New Back Pain Treatment

Jupiter, Florida –Nobody should undergo spinal surgery for back pain without considering Spinal Decompression a safe and effective noninvasive treatment which has helped many suffering from chronic neck or low back pain, spinal stenosis or sciatica to obtain lasting relief without the risk and cost of surgery.     Traditionally, physicians would treat back and neck pain disorders with oral medication, injections, and prescribed periods of rest, physical therapy, and conservative chiropractic care and finally patients would find themselves facing back surgery with concerns about risk, pain, expense and the lengthy recovery time often found with surgical procedures. “Because of this,” says Dr. Papa, “Spinal Decompression should always be discussed as a last alternative to be considered before undergoing surgery due to chronic back pain.”

Since founding Papa Chiropractic and Physical Therapy in 1989, Dr. Papa and his dedicated staff have treated the local community with his unique gentle chiropractic techniques to enhance his patients’ health and function without medication. Unlike conventional medicine, which focuses on attempting to treat disease once it occurs, the chiropractic care offered at Papa Chiropractic and Physical Therapy in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens and Port St. Lucie, Florida, emphasizes the importance of improving your health in an effort to reduce the risk of pain and illness in the first place.

“Given the option, most people would prefer to be healthy and avoid illness if possible;” says Dr. Papa “Chiropractic care can help you achieve your health and wellness goals. If you’re already suffering from back or neck pain, we offer a unique way to provide pain relief without the use of drugs, injections or surgery – through Spinal Decompression.”

The latest development in treatment of low back pain and neck pain is the spinal decompression table. This cutting-edge device allows us to treat our Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter patients’ herniated discs, bulging discs, and degenerative disc disease as well as symptoms of posterior facet syndrome, spinal stenosis, and sciatica (pain stemming from problems with the sciatic nerve).

In the U.S., 60 million adults take over the counter (O-T-C) pain relievers every day or for several days each week.  Ongoing use can lead to serious health risks or even death.  More people die in the U.S. than die from accidental opiate prescriptions than die from homicides.

“We want to bring Spinal Decompression to the forefront and make sure people with back pain are aware of all their options.”  Dr. Papa continues, “There is a non-invasive, non-drug treatment alternative to surgery for lasting relief of back pain.  Spinal Decompression produces fantastic results and should be explored by anyone thinking about back surgery.”

A free, no obligation, no risk, informative consultation can be scheduled by calling Papa Chiropractic and Physical Therapy office at 561-277-3334.

What is Spinal Decompression (NSSD)?

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression (NSSD) is a process of elongating the spine in a slow, gentle digitally controlled manner in order to relieve pressure on compressed vertebrae and discs.  A patient lies on the spinal decompression table and relaxes as the device applies decompression forces to injured areas.  This not only takes pressure off of pinched nerves, but also helps to reposition bulging discs and gently pulls extruded disc material back into place.  Even post-surgical patients and those suffering from certain types of stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal causing nerve compression) have obtained significant and lasting pain relief.

Edward D., a patient of Papa Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, recently said “I was treated quickly and professionally from day one.  My diagnosis was swift and accurate.  Dr. Papa’s staff gave me the tools I needed to remain pain free for years, without surgery or expensive prolonged physical therapy.”

What is the Treatment Session Like?

NSSD utilizes a sophisticated method of cycling you through a series of slow pulls, hold and releases.  Depending upon the severity of your condition, your chiropractor will define a treatment program specific to you.  Treatment usually consists of 20-25 sessions spread over four to six weeks, with each session lasting between 25-45 minutes.

Many patients report relief from their pain and other symptoms during the first few treatment sessions, and most experience dramatic pain relief after completion of their prescribed NSSD program.  The spinal decompression table is equipped with headphones and a monitor so you can listen to music or watch a DVD during treatment and has an easily accessible safety switch that allows you to stop the decompression forces if you need to. The super-smooth transitions between each phase of therapy can make for an experience so relaxing that many patients often fall asleep.

Experts surmise that NSSD stimulates the body’s repair mechanism, providing the building blocks needed to mend injured and degenerated discs.  NSSD enables the body to get to work and heal itself!  Now there truly is hope for lasting relief without drugs, injections, or surgery!